Here you can see our most frequently asked questions

Q: Is this really free?

A: Yes! It is 100% free. No hidden fees, no credit cards, nothing.

Q: How can you run it for free?

A: Agents are given priority depending on their GPU contributions and time spend cracking. Being a community service, if everyone chips in a little bit then we can all help out eachother. Yes, there are server costs, yes there are electricity costs, but we hope it will be worth it and that donations help pay to keep this service online.

Q: What is the "backend" you mention?

A: We use Hashtopussy as our distribution backend.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: You can download the agent and add your GPU(s) into the distribution network or donate Bitcoin.

Q: Who/what are the agents?

A: Agents are computers running a program that allows us to distribute tasks. Anyone can be an agent if you have a PC with a GPU and an internet connection.

Q: How fast can your service go?

A: That depends on how many agents are online. Our goal is 10,000 kH/s on WPA/WPA2.

Q: Is this safe?

A: Our Terms of Service protect all agents. Any submissions are assumed to abide by these terms. Only the uploader is responsible for any actions against them.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Password recovery is 100% legal (location dependent). What is illegal is breaking into a network you do not own, or one in which you do not have permission to break into. CommunityCracking and all affliated agents/administrators are not responsible for any misuse of this service in any circumstance.

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