About Us

We're a community-based team that aims to provide users free, fast and easy password recovery.


Our agent is independent and can be executed at times convenient for you. We are the ONLY offical and clean FREE cracking service available.


CommunityCracking doesn't leave stability and functionality behind. The backend is open source and contains enchancements to make usage easy for any user.


Information collected during running our tool will not be shared under any circumstances, to see what we can see, read our TOS.


You can become an agent on any desktop platform, we support Linux, macOS, and Windows. For more information, check our download pages.


Our community is growing fast, meaning more agents and more processing power. If you spread the word, we will grow even faster! Share with friends, families and other forums!


100% free. Period. If you can't run the agent, please consider donating to keep this service alive!

How does it work?

As more agents register, we can distribute more "chunks," or piece of a given keyspace. P2P networks work in a similar fashion.
More agents also means more processing power, and therefore faster password recovery.
CommunityCracking works as following:

You become an agent

Fast, simple, and easy. Follow our guide on becoming an agent. If you can't lend hardware, consider donating to cover costs!

You lend your hardware

Your agent will automatically be assigned "chunks" of a task to run through. The more you contribute, the higher priority you will get.

Everyone lends theirs

Everyone who becomes an agent is linked into our distribution network. The more agents, the faster we can recover passwords!

What are you waiting for?